Remembrance Sunday

This Remembrance Sunday, Anna will be in Wokingham to attend the service at St. Paul’s Church. The choir there have been hard at work rehearsing From Flanders and will be giving the world premiere performance.

Anna dedicated From Flanders to the memory of the Potter family of Wokingham, the family of her great-grandmother. The family sent six brothers to war, only 3 of whom returned home, two of those being severely wounded. The significance of the first performance of From Flanders being at St. Paul’s church is front-page news in Wokingham this week: read the story in the Wokingham Times.

The Wokingham Times front page, November 6th 2014

Find out more about the Potter family’s own story here. You can also catch Anna talking about From Flanders and her other First World War project, Diary of the Great War, on BBC Radio Devon’s Remembrance Sunday breakfast show (9th November).


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