Let’s Throw Some Shapes!

The Let’s Throw Some Shapes! series is an experiment to see how a group of artists responds to the characteristics of shape. The graphic scores produce ‘guided improvisation’. Works in the series can be categorised depending on the way that the sequence of shapes is ordered:

  • Strategic – where the order of the shapes is carefully planned in advance of the performance
  • Organic – where the order of the shapes is ‘chosen’ during the live performance, depending on where the improvisation leads
  • Random – where the shapes are ordered in advance of the performance according to a random method (such as a random number generator).

Let’s Throw Some Shapes! #1 is of the strategic type. The live score takes the form of a 5-minute video (there is no requirement for a conductor). The themes of red circles and blue triangles are developed in a rough ‘sonata form’ so that the free nature of improvisation is contrasted with the most classical of musical structures. Musicians could be joined by other performers such as dancers, mime or live visual artists in responding. Interested? Get in touch for a copy of the video and score and try it out with your own ensemble.

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