BBC Radio 3 Broadcast

The King James Bible Composition Awards final is to be featured on Aled Jones’ programme ‘The Choir‘ on BBC Radio 3 on Sunday 19th June. There is a chance that you may hear an excerpt of my piece, Hast thou not known?, or me talking about composing it, so listen in!

On the night, composer and final adjudicator James MacMillan praised the appropriateness of all of the finalists’ works for use in the liturgy, describing them as a “vehicle for the prayers of ordinary people”. The Dean of Chichester, chair of the organising committee, said, “We are so grateful to all those who have made this competition possible, especially the colleges and the Abbey, but most of all to the gifted young composers who have taken part and submitted some very imaginative work. We are sure that many of these pieces, whether they have won prizes or not, will enter the mainstream of worship in the churches, and contribute to wider knowledge of the riches of the King James Bible.”

Please contact me for a copy of the score if you would like to perform it with your choir. In addition, I hope to have a recording of the piece uploaded to this site in due course, so I can share it with all of you, after all this time talking about it!

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