Experiments in form

Work began a few weeks ago on the third of my King James Bible 400th anniversary trilogy, When thou passest through the waters. This was to be an antedote to the whirlwind of Hast thou not known? and I decided on a simple melody. To make things interesting, this time the main area for experimentation is therefore not melody or harmony, but form.  The first draft presented options for singing it as some kind of structured, irregular ’round’.

I then began to consider how best to notate such a thing, so it appeals to amateur singing groups and yet doesn’t over-instruct. I could foresee bars and bars of rests while one part waits for their entry. I decided to sleep on it.

Since then I have not been brave enough to return to the page! I know that it is nearly finished but the next stage will be the labour intensive part. The devil is in the detail. Once again, I really ought to just get on with it and stop making excuses!

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