A productive evening!

I’ve really been able to make some progress the last few days. Choir restarted on Monday after the break for Christmas and I got chatting to a fellow alto about my plans for ‘Hast thou not heard’ (I was hoping she might play the organ part through for me once it’s complete!). It’s not often you can talk about composing with someone who understands and is equally enthusiastic about your piece, so the conversation really fired me up to crack on.

I’ve spent a solid three hours tonight working away at the piece and have made good progress, writing 90 seconds of music (that’s a lot, trust me!). I’m pretty pleased with it – the melody and harmonies are sketched in for the whole of the central section. Still a lot to do though of course – lots of gaps in harmony to fill in elsewhere, the ending section to design, the organ part to flesh out, not to mention all the fiddly details like dynamics!

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead so I’ve tried to jot down my ideas and where they are heading, so when I go back to it in a couple of days time I haven’t completely lost my thread. If only I could stay up all night!

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